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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.As the tittle says, I'm looking for games/VN with a lot of dickigrl/futa on male content, where the guy is on the receiving position, besides, of course, CoC and TiTs.i would like something like with Poppy again, somehow she was my favourite scene/personality thing, or at least what i remember first. However i finished this, and i have to say not bad, even if i am not that into Futa i wanted to see the original scene, because it was weird to have them said he in the other version, even if he was female all the time.The Vault (this site) is not going anywhere, and is still the main repository of all the sketches from 2010 - 2016 (basically all my muscle futa art). The only thing that won't end up here are Patreon exclusives created in 2018. Anything drawn earlier than that, but posted this year (at least 300 left), will end up on this site for free.I hope you'll understand my desition to have a patreon as well as having to charge for regular commissions. u.u I love from the bottom of my heart all my supporters that decide to make this futa fantasy come true, thank you for funding or just looking at my art. (I'm from latin america, I'm sorry for my bad english).Looking for games with lots of futa/female or futa/trap. For some Futa/trap stuff I recommend Tales of Androgyny, Trap MC with Futa enemies. Their Patreon is. Windfall patreon futa.


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